Saturday, March 04, 2006

Stupid Emily Tricks

Here's the thing--I'm a reasonably smart person, I'm not being conceited to say I am, but I routinely perform what I like to call "stupid Emily tricks." Case in point: at home, I have two dogs, a large Rottweiler (really my brother's dog) and a small Schnauzer/Poodle originally meant to be my mother's, but who decided he was mine (or I was his). You can't really argue points of ownership with a dog. The small dog Zoe (yes, the poor thing is a male) curls up with me whenever I happen to be in lazing in bed. Well, I'm not at home, I live in a college dorm. Having recently moved to a single room, and arranged my two twin beds into one large king sized bed, I was lounging around reading (honestly, it was for class). For whatever reason, I thought Zoe was behind me on the other side of the bed and started patting the bed trying to get him to come next to me so I could snuggle and pet and all those other things people like to do to annoy their dogs. Well the bloody animal was ignoring me, and I was getting irritated. Just as I was about to yell at him to come over next to me, I turned around to look for him and of course couldn't find him. And still it took me several seconds to figure out that the dog wasn't there. Like I said, stupid Emily tricks.


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