Sunday, March 05, 2006

On Happiness

I'm a horse person. I was the 11 year old girl that spent her weekend at the barn mucking stalls to earn riding lessons, but the lessons weren't as important as spending the time with the horses. Horses make me happy, no matter how I spend my time with them. I am not currently riding, but I still spend hours keeping up-to-date on current events and riding and training theory. I'm still that 11 year old dreaming about owning her own horse. I read this article, "Nice Ass!" in Slate, and realized that for most of us can't explain why things are important to us, they just are. If you're a horse person, a dog person, a donkey person, etc . . . there is no way to explain that. Rarely do you get anything tangible back from the relationship that someone who doesn't share your passion can see and understand. There is no way to explain the why of a passion, it makes you happy, that's all the explanation that can be offered.


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