Wednesday, April 12, 2006

CIA and Rand-McNally

Right, the CIA. They're supposed to know everything about everybody, yes? We're talkin' The Man and Big Brother here. So why do they have such a pissant-ass map of France
France? If that's the kind of resource they rely on (although, I have to assume it's not), it's no we didn't find any WMDs; we're lucky we found the right country. A thought: invest in Rand McNally. They'll hook you up. Of course, so will National Geographic, and you get all the pretty pictures too. Why doesn't the CIA have one of those fancy maps where you can zoom in on a region to see all the little one-horse towns? What are we paying them for?

And all a girl wanted was to find a good regional map; I tell you, you can't depend on the government for anything these days.


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