Thursday, May 04, 2006

A true citizen

Reading about all the fuss surrounding singing the national anthem in Spanish, got me thinking. First off, I you can sing the US national anthem in any language, you're 20 steps ahead of me. I don't know the words, and the few words I do know are painful to sing. Literally--our anthem it one of the harder ones out there. Sing the damn thing in Farsi or Swahili, it won't make you more or less American; singing it in English doesn't make Bush British.
I remember taking American History and Gov't my junior year in high school, and the teacher (a lovely lady named Ms. Scott) showed us some of the questions they ask on a naturalization test. Yeah, the whole class would have been deported. So I looked the test up again. I'm a still a very bad citizen. (Oh, did you know the Constitution and Bill of Rights protects the rights of both citizens and non-citizens living in the US, according to Citizen and Immigration Services, because the way things are going around here, I wasn't too sure.)


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