Saturday, April 29, 2006

And the anti-props go to . . .

  • Texas , for declining to press hate-crime charges against the two teenagers (David Henry Tuck and Keith Robert Turner) responsible for the vicious attack an a Hispanic teen. Tuck and Turner apparently didn't like that the young man, 16, was attempting to kiss a 12 year old girl (who was apparently also Hispanic--earlier reports were contradictory). So punch him in the face, don't practically kill him; better yet, take the girl home. During the assault Tuck and Turner shouted racial slurs; according to county prosecutor Mike Trent, pressing hate-crime charges won't have any legal impact. So? Increased sentence isn't the only way hate-crime charges have an impact; they rise the level of community awareness and hi-lite ignored bigotries. Sometimes we need that slap in the face; it's too easy to ignore these things until something as awful as this happens. Anyone remember James Byrd, Jr.?
  • The AP for their detailed information on victim. Well, hell. They don't need to give a name when they give so much other information about him. Now anyone with the slightest bit of morbid curiosity can figure out who he is. Way to protect the victim!


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